Among the most beneficial recognized choice of jewellery by Beautiful of Solihull was the Souvenir Scottish Jewellery array personalized birthday souvenirs.

Probably the most well-known bit of jewellery within this selection were being the brooches that were developed above an exceptionally long interval.

The mixture of lucky white heather sprigs and/or purple flower thistles, all tied up along with the Exquisite trade mark ribbon or bow was created in several different kinds.

All items Scottish experienced develop into very popular by Queen Victoria’s passion for her beloved estate Balmoral, and this level of popularity ongoing into the twentieth century

Exquisite produced gilt jewelry from 1914,and before transferring to Solihull from the fifties was by now earning souvenirs from their premises in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Many of those memento brooches were being sold in Scotland and have been commonly offered in many tiny souvenir retailers. With the variety in Birmingham and various sites – I do think they have been also readily available across the relaxation of the United kingdom.

So far I have counted not less than a dozen unique types from the Scottish brooch. Just one resource confirms that 3 brooches were being registered in 1962. These brooches will have “EXQUISITE” and “REG” while using the duplicate proper sign on the back. The design numbers ended up 905225, 905226 and 905227.

Having said that many of your brooches have “EXQUISITE” signed on the back again with the brooch only without the need of a replica correct mark
Some have Exquisite in script with a flatter plaque without copy appropriate signal.
You may also find brooches which have been unsigned that has a riveted pin fastening – denoting an significantly earlier date in all probability pre nineteen fifties.

Early brooches can also be different in which the pin is in a very gilt or gold metallic. Exactly where because the afterwards brooches, the pin is definitely the similar colour as being the brooch (silver) Also variances while in the manufacturing processes could be viewed. Earlier brooches were forged on a a great deal flatter plate than later brooches, which have a more rounder and sharper form into the again

More exploration remains to be necessary to validate dating and reg numbers to styles.

The brooches were all hand enamelled and so not just can lots of different layouts be collected but each individual can have a slight variation in color. A number of the brooches have amethyst purple colored faceted glass stones. Once more many of these stones can be a quite pale pink ranging to dim purple in color

The brooches differ incidentally the ribbon is wrapped close to them as well as variety of sprigs of blessed white heather. Brooches can also be readily available inside of a basket design, which can be a little bit rarer compared to floral bunches.

After i am speaking about the Scottish brooch variety I am only referring to the types which might be enamelled and also have heather or thistles, with or with out purple glass stones in silver or gold tone metallic.